Below is a list of questions we've received from past clients that we thought may be helpful to you in ordering your wedding stationery.

  • How much should I budget for my wedding stationery?
    A safe bet is to budget around 8% of your overall budget to your wedding stationery.

  • Can I change the font used on one of the collections?
    At this time, the fonts may not be changed.

  • So, what can be changed?
    You may change the information (i.e. all of your details), the ink color and the paper color.

  • Will my RSVPs come with envelopes?
    They sure will!

  • What information is essential on my Save the Dates?
    Save the Dates are truly that : asking guests to block their calendar for your wedding. The best information to include is your names (first and last if you opt to not include a photo), wedding date, city and state of the wedding, and a wedding website.

  • How many Save the Dates or Invitations should I order?
    Invitations should be ordered based on number of households receiving an invitation and not number of guests. Most guests are paired off into couples or families. We then suggest you order 10%-15% over that amount to account for last minute invites, returned envelopes and/or mistakes while addressing your envelopes.

  • What sort of etiquette do I need to know to address my envelopes?
    Download this Addressing Tips Sheet  –  it will give you all the different ways to address each guests’ envelopes.

  • Er, um, am I able to order extra envelopes for when I mess up?
    Sure thing! Send us an email with the amount you need rounded to the nearest 25 and we'll invoice you separately.

  • Do you have any colored envelope available?
    We do! We do! They're 50cents an envelope and can only be ordered when you order Invitations or Save the Dates - send us an email

  • Will you just address these for me?
    Yup- send us an email.

  • What in the world do I say on my invitations?!
    Download the “Invitation Wording Suggestions” PDF from our friends at Five Dot Design

  • Do I really need to include directions and accommodation information?
    These are great pieces of information to provide your guests, but not essential to your invitation suite.

  • Once I place my order, how long will it take for me to receive them?
    Please allow about 2 weeks from the time you send your approval email

  • I can’t wait that long! Is it possible to rush my order?
    Yes! Just send us an email giving us the date you need your order in-hand and we’ll provide you with a “final order due” date.